Development of a Computer Based Airspace Sector Occupancy Model (1998)

Author: Shrinivas M. Sale

This thesis deals with the development of an Airspace Sector Occupancy Model (ASOM). The model determines the occupancy of Air Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) sectors for a given geometry of sectors and flight schedules, and can be used to study the impact of alternative flight schedules on the workload imposed on the sectors. Along with complimentary airspace analysis models, this can serve as an advisory tool to approve flight plans in the Free Flight Scenario, or to reschedule flights around a Special Use Airspace (SUA). ASOM is developed using Matlab 5.2, and can be run on an IBM compatible PC, Macintosh, or Unix Workstation. The computerized model incorporates the powerful features of graphics and hierarchical modeling inherent in Matlab, to design an effective tool for analyzing air traffic scenarios and their respective sector occupancies.

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