Howard Swingle

Howard Swingle

Senior Research Scientist, ATSL
301-D-2 Patton Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
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M.S.: Nuclear Engineering, The Ohio State University (1969)
B.M.E.: Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, The Ohio State University (1969)


Mr. Swingle contributions to the ATSL include project management, development of research plans, validation of modeling and data based on a practical knowledge of airport and airplane operations, proposal development, and preparing communications materials. Mr. Swingle contributed substantially to VLJ demand projections made by VT personnel for a major VLJ manufacturer.

Mr. Swingle was the Principal Investigator of Virginia Tech's initial large contract for NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation (SATS) Programs (~ $700,000 project). He has worked with ATSL since 1999.

Prior to joining ATSL, Mr. Swingle worked 13 years in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Virginia Tech leading the Software Technologies Laboratory, a research unit that developed decision support software for the Department of Energy. This research group grew from a handful of people to a peak of 40 during his tenure. Under his leadership, Software Technologies Laboratory competed for and won a $10 million contract with the Department of Energy. It was frequent travel for this group that inspired him to become a pilot and use small aircraft for transportation.

Prior to that, he served 15 years on Admiral H. G. Rickover's staff in headquarters and field positions responsible for design, construction, testing, operations, refueling and overhaul of nuclear submarine propulsion plants. He reported directly to Admiral Rickover for 5 years. He was responsible for approving for the government numerous manuals for operating, maintaining, testing and refueling nuclear submarines.

Mr. Swingle is a private pilot with instrument rating and more than 1400 hours as a pilot in command. Mr. Swingle is also a 15-year member of AOPA.

Selected Publications

  • Li, T., and Baik, H, (2013) "Inferring Complete Demand and Actual Capacity Information from the Airline Origin and Destination Survey" 2013 Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference, Herndon, VA, M7-1 - M7-11.

  • Li, T., Baik, H., and Trani, A. A., (2013) "A Method to Estimate the Historical US Air Travel Demand." Journal of Advanced Transportation, 47(3), 249-263.

  • Li, T., and Trani, A. A., (2013) "Modeling the Impact of Fuel Price on the Utilization of Piston Engine Aircraft" 2013 Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference, Herndon, VA, I7-1 - I7-12.