Nationwide Impacts of Very Light Jet Traffic in the Future Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) (2006)

This paper describes a methodology to predict on-demand air taxi services using emerging Very Light Jets (VLJ) technology in the future National Air Transportation System (NAS). The paper describes airspace and airport impacts of VLJ traffic considering an improved Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS). The analysis presented fits within the framework of the Transportation Systems Analysis Model (TSAM) developed by the Air Transportation Systems Laboratory at Virginia Tech for NASA Langley Research Center. TSAM uses traditional air transportation systems engineering techniques to: 1) predict the number of intercity trips generated in the country based on socio-economic factors, 2) distribute these trips across the country, 3) predict the most likely modes of transportation used to execute these trips, 4) predict flights and trajectories associated with air transportation trips, and 5) predict impacts of the intercity trips generated in the National Airspace System (NAS).
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