A Preliminary Assessment of Airport Noise and Emission Impacts Induced by Small Aircraft Transportation System Operations (2006)

This paper evaluates potential noise and emission impacts associated with an advanced Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS). Specifically, the analysis presented in this paper quantifies possible noise and emission contributions of advanced single-engine and multi-engine piston-powered aircraft and very light jetpowered aircraft. The noise impact analysis is carried out using the standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Integrated Noise Model (INM). The emission influence is modeled using the FAA Emission and Dispersion Modeling System (EDMS). The noise signature and emission parameters of a new generation Very Light Jet (VLJ) are modeled in our analysis. Major emission pollutant level is estimated at 3,415 airports. Noise contours studies are conducted at five airport noise impact spanning both metropolitan and rural General Aviation (GA) airports. Sensitivity analysis is conducted to evaluate influence of the fleet composition and advanced approach procedures in the present and future years.
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